Hair Loss Products

Scientists say that you can eat your way to healthy hair and scalp full of hair. But what if we extract the best substances from food and herbs and combine them together in order to obtain a powerful product that stops and prevents hair loss, encourages regrowth of hair, repairs the follicles and hair strands and stimulates the overall health of scalp?

Profollica Hair Recovery System has been developed especially for men, making use of the most potent, efficient and safe ingredients that fight against the main cause of hair loss and combat it. The ingredients of Profollica System block what causes loss of hair and stimulate the development of new and fortified hair strands.

In about 95% of all cases of hair loss in men, Dihydrotestosterone is what causes the condition. Called male pattern baldness, this type of hair loss develops gradually and it manifests as receding hairline, appearance of a bald spot on the crown of the scalp and thinning at the temples.

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Stop Hair Loss Kit

Contrary to societal belief, the majority of men affected by hair loss are extremely unhappy with their condition and they would do just about anything to stop the loss of hair. A lot of aspects of their lives are affected by hair loss, from professional life even to interpersonal relationships.

According to American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness is reported to be the condition that affects almost all men who lose their head hair. In male pattern baldness, the hair loss is genetically determined and hormonally influenced, because follicles are sensitive to high levels of Dihydrotestosterone. This male hormone attaches to follicles and cause their miniaturization, which triggers loss of hair.

Profollica Hair Recovery System is one of the best solutions available that men choose to use. Consisting in a combination of daily supplement, shampoo and activator gel that block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, stop the hair loss and stimulate regrowth of healthy hair, Profollica treatment contains highly potent, natural and safe ingredients that also nourish the scalp, repair follicles and strengthen hair.

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Shampoo hair regrowth system

When it comes to beauty problems, hair loss is an upsetting issue. Regardless if we are women or men, this hair condition can make us anxious, depressed and with a reduced self-confidence. However, men are more affected by hair loss than women are. Unlike women, who experience general thinning of hair over crown, men are affected by receding hairline, bald temples and even complete baldness of top of their head.

Profollica Hair Recovery System has been developed for the special needs of men affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. The product stops and prevents hair loss, encourages regrowth of hair, repairs follicles and fortify hair strands, improving significantly the appearance of scalp and boosting the self-confidence of men.

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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss is a body change that we all fear of. Regardless if we lose our hair due to hormonal changes, aging, stress and genetics or due to certain disorders, noticing that we lose more hairs than normally can lead to low self-confidence, anxiety and even depression.

A balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can prevent hair loss, but in some cases even the healthiest lifestyle cannot prevent hair from falling. The consequences are quite unpleasant: receding hairline, bald patches, diffuse thinning of hair over crown, horseshoe-shaped alopecia – all these signs of hair loss can make us cover our head with bandannas, wigs and hats or even shave our head.

But there is good news for men! You no longer have to hide or shave your head from now on, because the scientists have developed a powerful Hair Recovery System for men that stops the occurrence of hair loss from inside out. Profollica System is formed of daily supplement, Profollica anti hair loss shampoo and activator gel, products that contain natural, safe and highly potent ingredients that repair follicles, fortify hair, stop hair loss, nourish scalp and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair.

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Hair loss is a condition that numerous people choose to live with. It can affect anyone, at some point in our lives and due to various causes or conditions, but this does not mean that we should just let it be. Hair loss often leads to reduced self-esteem and even anxiety, but there are numerous solutions available that can stimulate regrowth of hair and stop what causes hair loss.

A lot of suppliers provide a wide variety of products designed to stop and prevent hair loss, products that encourage and accelerate hair growth and which promote the health of scalp, follicles and hair. These products get to the root of the problem and block it, while they also promote the health of scalp.

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Hair loss is a common condition that affects numerous men and women from all over the world. This must be the reason why numerous manufacturers claim to provide the best hair growth treatments and the best results regarding this unpleasant condition that can be the sign of a disease or disorder and which can lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

A lot of patients affected by hair loss, also known as alopecia, follow tricky treatments and choose to spend a lot of money on complicated techniques that only promise to promote regrowth of hair, but these patients end up with the same thinned hair and bald patches that they had before starting the “wonderful” treatment.

Unlike other products and methods which are ineffective and expensive, Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit has been proved in a clinical study that lasted 4 months to be highly effective, potent and safe to use and administer.

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Side Effects

There are numerous causes that may trigger hair loss. Losing about 100 hair strands per day is normal, but when more hair strands fall down, it may be a sign of disease, disorder or other health issue.

Almost 95% of all cases of hair loss in men occur because of a combination of genetics and hormones. Called male pattern baldness, this type of androgenetic alopecia affects only men who have certain genes. Their follicles are attacked by Dihydrotestosterone, hormone that blocks the proper nutrition of follicles and causing their miniaturization, until hairs will grow finer, thinner, shorter and fewer in number.

Profollica is a two-step system designed to stop, prevent and reverse male pattern baldness, consisting in a combination of daily supplement and activator gel that block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, repair the follicles, fortify hair, increase the blood flow to the scalp in order to increase the absorption of nutrients and promote the regrowth of healthy and strong hair.

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Losing hair and starting to have visible bald patches or a receding hairline can lower the self-esteem of any man. According to American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 35, more than 65% of men start losing their hair.

In most cases of baldness, hair loss occurs due to hormones and an inherited predisposition that makes hair follicles to shrink and stop growing other hair strands, but hair loss can be triggered as well by various diseases and disorders that manifest as hair loss. Hair loss is a common condition that does not threaten the life of people affected, but the self-image and confidence can be harmed. It is important to find what causes hair loss and regain the beautiful appearance of scalp with proper treatment and procedures.

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Everybody loses hair. Losing about 100 hair strands per day is normal, but excessive or unexplained hair loss is a reason to be scared and worried. Hair loss can occur due to various reasons and causes, from diseases, hormones, stress, hair disorders, medications and even bad hair care practices.

The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary baldness or thinning of hair. When it affects women, it is called female pattern baldness and it manifests as a noticeable thinning of hair. But when men are affected by androgenetic alopecia, they have male pattern baldness and it manifests as a receding hairline usually accompanied by bald patches on the top of their head.

After over 15 years of clinical studies, the scientists have demonstrated that by reducing the levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), hair loss will be reduced as well. Dihydrotestosterone is the cause of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia: high levels of this hormone will block the follicles and limit their nourishment, so follicles will shrink and hair will grow thinner and fewer in number. People who have hair follicles genetically predisposed to be damaged by DHT will be affected and hair loss will be more visible than normally.

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