Supplements with High Levels of Vitamins for Women’s Hair Loss

A Brief Look at Some of the Market’s Leading Hair Loss Products

Supplements Hair Loss

Losing or thinning hair is a highly undesirable event for a woman to be faced with. A beautiful, flowing, full head of hair is a source of pride for many women and is responsible for boosting their self-esteem. However, no matter how much you covet your hair and how well you take care of it, losing it is a possibility that could be out of your hands.

Hair loss can be caused by reasons as diverse as stress, poor diet, hormonal changes within your body, and even a sudden emotional shock such as a bereavement. But while losing it may be out of your hands, fortunately, doing something about it isn’t. There are a number of nutrient-rich supplements available that have been specifically designed to treat hair loss in women. Here is a brief outline of some of the more popular choices on the market:


Viviscal is a series of supplements designed to treat thinning hair whilst promoting additional growth. Its system involves the use of dietary supplements, shampoo, conditioner, and a topical treatment that has to be left in your hair. Their formula contains an array of vitamins and minerals found to be beneficial for hair including biotin (B7), keratin, and zinc.


Profollica is a highly effective, hair restoration formula comprised of a dietary supplement, fortified shampoo, and applicating gel that’s placed directly onto the scalp. It works by first nourishing your body from within with an array of nutrients, while also prohibiting the release of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is known to cause hair loss. Profollica boasts a wide variety of nutrients such as a number of B vitamins, including biotin and folic acid; manganese, chlorophyll, and zinc; and amino acids such as arginine.


Hairsentials is a hair growth accelerator that nourishes hair from the base of its follicles. Its comprised solely of a supplementary pill that is designed to be used in conjunction with any biotin-fortified shampoo. Its ingredients include a range of B vitamins, vitamin A and C, zinc, saw pimento, green tea, and other nutrients that have been proven to benefit your hair.

Zenwise Labs Hair Growth

Another product that only consists of supplementary capsules, Hair Growth targets a deficiency in dietary nutrients as a cause of hair loss. It’s solution to the problem is a formula that boasts close to 30 ingredients that are renowned for their effect on hair growth such as biotin and the other nutrients that are crucial for your hair’s health.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Minoxidil, more commonly known by its commercial name of Rogaine, is a formula used to reactivate your hair’s natural regrowth cycle. The formula is now available in topical foam specifically designed for women’s hair and that is to be applied daily. It also contains a number of botanical extracts and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps to keep hair follicles open so the nutrients can best penetrate your scalp.

Natural Ingredients to Keep Hair from Falling Out

The Best Foods for Maintaining the Health of Your Hair

Natural ingredients for hair loss

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and ensuring that it continues to grow, nothing is more important than what you put into your body. Your hair needs a number of nutrients for it to remain healthy and strong, and the absence of them can result in your hair thinning or falling out.

Here’s a brief exploration of some of the best natural ingredients that will keep your hair from falling out.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green veg such as spinach, kale, and lettuce is a great vegetarian food for hair regrowth are great sources of a host of B vitamins like biotin and folic acid, vitamin A and C, iron, sebum and the amino acids that hair is made from.


Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and brazil nuts, are great sources of an array of vitamins and minerals. This includes the B vitamins, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, iron, and plenty of protein of amino acids; all of which combine to make nuts conveniently consumable, nutritional powerhouses. For those of you with nut allergies that would like to benefit from the portable nature of nuts, you’ll find a viable alternative in hair-loss supplements such as Profollica. These are packed full of nutrients that benefit your health and are a simple addition to your daily routine, allowing you to automatically consume all the ingredients your hair and body needs.


Most fruit is packed with Vitamin C which prevents your hair from becoming brittle and subsequently breaking. Fruit such as citrus fruit and berries also contain a large number of B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, sebum, and zinc.


Your hair is made of a protein called keratin, so eating a diet rich in protein will really aid its health and development. As well as protein, meat contains a number of minerals vital to the health of your hair like iron and zinc. Again, if you’re vegetarian, this can easily be overcome with supplementation: either from individual supplements for zinc and iron or from an all-inclusive hair loss formula like Profollica.


Flaxseeds, or more specifically, the oil they contain, are rich in omega-3 healthy fatty acids that nourish the scalp and make their way directly to your hair follicles. They also add flexibility to your hair and prevent its damage. Like nuts, flaxseeds are a very convenient natural ingredient that is portable and can be added to most meals. You can sprinkle them over your cereal or porridge, add them to a soup or salad, or even add them to a smoothie or shake.

Eggs and Dairy Products

Eggs and dairy products, like meat, contain large amounts of the protein required for your hair’s growth. They also contain a number of other important nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids which help to lubricate your hair follicles, aiding their growth.

How to Treat Female Thinning Hair on Top of Head

Methods for Dealing with Hair Loss in Women

Female Thinning Hair

There are a number of reasons why hair loss occurs in women. These include a number of lifestyle factors such as poor diet, smoking, lack of stress, and excessive stress; hormonal changes stemming from pregnancy and ageing; and even a number of medical conditions such as thyroid deficiencies and anaemia. Here are a number of ways to treat hair loss:


It’s been said that the food you eat can act as the slowest kind of poison or the best kind of medicine, and this also applies to the health of your hair. A poor diet not only negatively affects your hair directly, by diminishing it of the materials it needs to grow and the nutrients that keep it strong, but indirectly as well by weakening your body. With a poor diet, your body is susceptible to stress, illness, and infection, all of which don’t bode well for your hair.

You can remedy this by ensuring you consume a balanced diet rich in hair-friendly vitamins and minerals such as biotin (vitamin B7), folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and copper, as well as amino acids such as arginine and lysine. In particular, make sure you add more nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables to your diet.


You can give your diet helping hand by taking the right supplements, which are an effective way you’re getting the nutrients appropriate for the health of your hair. This could be in the form of individual supplements that give you generous doses of a particular nutrient.

Alternatively, you could save yourself time, and even more effort, by taking a specially-designed hair loss supplement, such as Profollica. Supplements of this kind contain a vast array of nutrients, saving you the trouble of taking them all individually. Profollica spreads these nutrients out across a shampoo, topical gel, and a dietary supplement, effectively tackling the problem on a number of fronts. These nutrients include a wide range of vitamins and minerals and amino acids, as well as other herbal extracts like sawtooth pimento, Panax ginseng root, and citrulline.


The way you live your life and treat your body on a daily basis has a tremendous influence on the health of your hair. Aside from your diet, which I touched on above, other lifestyle factors that can cause thinning of the hair include excess stress, smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep. All of these things affect your overall health, so your body has to compensate by directing nutrients to places vital for your survival. And your scalp is not one of them.

So to preserve a full, healthy head of hair, give your body a fighting chance. As well as sorting out your diet, get to sleep on time, try to cut down the smoking and drinking, and find more ways to relax. The good news is, just doing one of these things causes a virtuous cycle in which trying to do another is far easier. The net result will be overall increased vitality as well as a healthy head of hair.

5 Natural Supplements for Healthy Hair Growth

5 Powerful Nutrients for Ensuring the Strength and Health of Your Hair

Supplements for healthy hair

When it comes the health of your hair, ensuring you consume adequate amounts of the right kind of nutrients is important. These nutrients provide the materials that create hair cells, enable them to grow, and ensure that each strand is healthy, strong, and consequently, looks good. What’s more, they keep the rest of your body in good condition, so it’s less susceptible to the stresses, infections, and hormonal changes that cause your hair to thin or fall out.

So in an effort to boost the vitality of your hair as well as bolster your body’s natural defenses. Here are 5 natural supplements for healthy hair growth:


Biotin, which is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is the nutrient most commonly associated with healthy hair. It strengthens the protein infrastructure of not only your hair but of your skin and nails as well. Biotin can be found in a number of nuts and legumes such as almonds and walnuts.

Flax-Seed Oil

Flax-seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that keep your hair follicles healthy. This causes them so they retain water and produce sebum, an oily substance that prevents your hair from becoming excessively dry and breaking. The oil can be ingested from eating the seeds, or from supplementing the oil directly.


This mineral is important for maintaining the health of your scalp by ensuring cell reproduction, tissue growth, and cellular repair. It can be found in a diverse range of foods including shellfish, red meat, and nuts.

Folic Acid

Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid aids in tissue regeneration, blood circulation around the scalp, and in ensuring your hair follicles function properly. Folic acid can be found in leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes.


Arginine, or L-arginine, is an amino acid that is crucial for the production of keratin, the protein from which your hair, nail, and skin are made. Nuts, seeds, whole grains, brown rice and meat are good sources of arginine.

As well as from dietary sources, you can conveniently obtain each of these nutrients from supplements, particularly if you’re concerned about not getting enough from the food you consume. There are two methods of taking these supplements: individually or in a specially-designed hair loss prevention formula.

Opting to take them individually allows you to hone in on supplementing nutrient that you believe you are deficient in. This may be a cheaper option, as you may only be required to buy particular supplements, but it’s one reserved for those with an understanding of the nutrients contained in their food.

A simpler alternative is taking a hair loss supplement such as Profollica or a similar product. Profollica, for instance, is a system comprised of a shampoo, topical applicating gel, and dietary capsules. All of which to combine to supply your body and scalp with an array of beneficial nutrients.

3 Triggers That Could Cause Sudden Hair Loss in Women

Three Reasons Why Your Hair May Suddenly Fall Out

Hair Loss Women

Hair loss can be an upsetting and confidence-crippling event that many people have to deal with at some point in their lives. It can be gradual, as in the event with hereditary baldness, with you only being able to notice after a significant amount of time has passed.

However, in certain cases, the hair loss can be more dramatic and come out of nowhere, increasing the emotional impact of the event. This can cause additional stress and worry which only serves to exacerbate the problem, and so on and so on.

Here are three such triggers that can result in sudden, unexpected hair loss:


Stress is a factor that can cause gradual, repeated hair loss over time, particularly if the source of the stress is not addressed. However, a particular event that causes you a significant amount of emotional distress can cause enough stress to make your hair fall out. This could include the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, being made unemployed, or even the physical trauma caused by an accident.

Hormonal Changes

Your hormones are like chemical messengers that occur within your brain, causing changes in your body. These hormones regulate a lot of bodily functions including weight management, sexual reproduction, and the growth and maintenance of your hair.

There are a number of events that can alter hormone production within your body: this includes pregnancy, your menstrual cycle, coming off of or going onto birth control, and the menopause. Events of this nature affect the delicate balance between female sex hormones like estrogen and male hormones such as testosterone. One hormone, in particular, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is known to prohibit hair loss and causes thinning on the scalp. These hormone receptors can become active on the scalp and subsequently, can result in a higher chance of balding.

Medical conditions

There are a number of medical conditions that also result in hair loss. The first of these is alopecia, an auto-immune condition that attacks hair follicles and causes them to fall out. Another is hyperthyroidism, which can cause the thyroid gland to periodically under produce the hormones responsible for the growth of your hair. And lastly, there are more easily treatable conditions that result in hair loss such as anemia, which is the result of iron deficiency, or viral infections like ringworm that cause patches on the scalp.

What can you do?

Some of these triggers are easier to deal with than others, with some of them being completely outside of your control. What you can control however is how you respond to these triggers, with the best course of action being to treat your body as well as possible. Ensure your body is well-nourished and has all the nutrients it needs. Taking a hair-loss formula like Profollica is the best way of filling consuming all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your hair healthy. Profollica, in particular, has a three-step treatment process that encompasses a dietary supplement, topical applicator gel, and shampoo, helping to get the necessary nutrients into your body in different ways.

So if you find yourself at the mercy of a condition that causes hair loss, please be kind to yourself. Consume as many nutrients as possible to assist your body in getting through the stress you’ve suddenly been faced with.

Hair Loss Products

Scientists say that you can eat your way to healthy hair and scalp full of hair. But what if we extract the best substances from food and herbs and combine them together in order to obtain a powerful product that stops and prevents hair loss, encourages regrowth of hair, repairs the follicles and hair strands and stimulates the overall health of scalp?

Profollica Hair Recovery System has been developed especially for men, making use of the most potent, efficient and safe ingredients that fight against the main cause of hair loss and combat it. The ingredients of Profollica System block what causes loss of hair and stimulate the development of new and fortified hair strands.

In about 95% of all cases of hair loss in men, Dihydrotestosterone is what causes the condition. Called male pattern baldness, this type of hair loss develops gradually and it manifests as receding hairline, appearance of a bald spot on the crown of the scalp and thinning at the temples.

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Stop Hair Loss Kit

Contrary to societal belief, the majority of men affected by hair loss are extremely unhappy with their condition and they would do just about anything to stop the loss of hair. A lot of aspects of their lives are affected by hair loss, from professional life even to interpersonal relationships.

According to American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness is reported to be the condition that affects almost all men who lose their head hair. In male pattern baldness, the hair loss is genetically determined and hormonally influenced, because follicles are sensitive to high levels of Dihydrotestosterone. This male hormone attaches to follicles and cause their miniaturization, which triggers loss of hair.

Profollica Hair Recovery System is one of the best solutions available that men choose to use. Consisting in a combination of daily supplement, shampoo and activator gel that block the production of Dihydrotestosterone, stop the hair loss and stimulate regrowth of healthy hair, Profollica treatment contains highly potent, natural and safe ingredients that also nourish the scalp, repair follicles and strengthen hair.

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Shampoo hair regrowth system

When it comes to beauty problems, hair loss is an upsetting issue. Regardless if we are women or men, this hair condition can make us anxious, depressed and with a reduced self-confidence. However, men are more affected by hair loss than women are. Unlike women, who experience general thinning of hair over crown, men are affected by receding hairline, bald temples and even complete baldness of top of their head.

Profollica Hair Recovery System has been developed for the special needs of men affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. The product stops and prevents hair loss, encourages regrowth of hair, repairs follicles and fortify hair strands, improving significantly the appearance of scalp and boosting the self-confidence of men.

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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss is a body change that we all fear of. Regardless if we lose our hair due to hormonal changes, aging, stress and genetics or due to certain disorders, noticing that we lose more hairs than normally can lead to low self-confidence, anxiety and even depression.

A balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can prevent hair loss, but in some cases even the healthiest lifestyle cannot prevent hair from falling. The consequences are quite unpleasant: receding hairline, bald patches, diffuse thinning of hair over crown, horseshoe-shaped alopecia – all these signs of hair loss can make us cover our head with bandannas, wigs and hats or even shave our head.

But there is good news for men! You no longer have to hide or shave your head from now on, because the scientists have developed a powerful Hair Recovery System for men that stops the occurrence of hair loss from inside out. Profollica System is formed of daily supplement, Profollica anti hair loss shampoo and activator gel, products that contain natural, safe and highly potent ingredients that repair follicles, fortify hair, stop hair loss, nourish scalp and stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair.

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Hair loss is a condition that numerous people choose to live with. It can affect anyone, at some point in our lives and due to various causes or conditions, but this does not mean that we should just let it be. Hair loss often leads to reduced self-esteem and even anxiety, but there are numerous solutions available that can stimulate regrowth of hair and stop what causes hair loss.

A lot of suppliers provide a wide variety of products designed to stop and prevent hair loss, products that encourage and accelerate hair growth and which promote the health of scalp, follicles and hair. These products get to the root of the problem and block it, while they also promote the health of scalp.

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