Hair loss is a condition that numerous people choose to live with. It can affect anyone, at some point in our lives and due to various causes or conditions, but this does not mean that we should just let it be. Hair loss often leads to reduced self-esteem and even anxiety, but there are numerous solutions available that can stimulate regrowth of hair and stop what causes hair loss.

A lot of suppliers provide a wide variety of products designed to stop and prevent hair loss, products that encourage and accelerate hair growth and which promote the health of scalp, follicles and hair. These products get to the root of the problem and block it, while they also promote the health of scalp.

Profollica is a natural hair loss treatment developed especially for men and which prevents and stops loss of hair by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone, the main cause of hair loss in men. Profollica Hair Recovery System includes a daily supplement and activator gel that control the hair loss from inside out, repair the follicles, nourish the scalp, strengthen hair and promote the health of scalp.

Block the production of Dihydrotestosterone with the best ally of your hair

More than 95% of hair loss cases in men are caused by male pattern baldness. This type of alopecia occurs because of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, which is a derivate of the male hormone called testosterone. The sufferers of male pattern baldness inherit a genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), sensitivity that leads to follicles miniaturization. The lifespan of hair follicles is affected and hairs grow thinner, shorter and even fewer in number. Some follicles stop growing new hairs, but the follicles remain alive.

After more than 15 years of scientific research, scientists have come to the conclusion that by stopping the production of Dihydrotestosterone, hair loss will stop as well. Male pattern baldness manifests as receding hairline and thinning crown, so the ingredients included in Profollica Hair Loss Treatment address to this particular area of scalp. The compounds from the formula of Profollica pills and activator gel increase the blood flow to the scalp, help rebuilding the follicles, nourish the scalp, block the production of DHT, prevent and stop loss of hair, delay hair graying, stimulate and accelerate the growth of hair, strengthen hair strands and moisturize scalp.

Profollica daily supplement contains powerful herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients that work by stopping and preventing hair thinning, preventing breakage of hair, strengthening and repairing follicles, stimulating oxygenation and detoxification of scalp, improving the absorption of nutrients, accelerating hair growth and promoting the health and appearance of skin, follicles and hair.

Profollica activator gel has to be applied on clean and wet hair, by massaging gently on scalp and hair and promoting a better absorption of ingredients. This product should not be removed or washed. It contains amino acids, herbal extracts and plenty of other nutrients that work by blocking DHT, moisturizing skin, enhancing the suppleness and flexibility of hair, rebuilding strong follicles, stimulating regrowth of healthy hair and promoting the overall health of hair.

In order to get maximum results, the consumers should follow Profollica Hair Loss Treatment for about 6 months or more. After about one month of treatment, the patients will notice that their hair will break less easily, hair will grow faster, premature graying will be prevented, sebum production will be reduced, and hair loss will stop. But since hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month, it will take a while until the consumers will finally notice that they regrow hair. However, loss of hair will be prevented and stopped, which the consumers will get to notice even from the first month of use.

A lot of positive reviews attest the safety and efficacy of Provillus Hair Recovery System. The ingredients are potent, risk free and safe to administer and use, so the consumers will not experience any negative side effects. The product is easy to use and administer and the permanent results achieved will help regaining the confidence and self-esteem of men affected by hair loss.

If you have a receding hairline or if you notice the first signs of hair loss on your pillow every morning or in the shower, you can prevent and stop the occurrence of hair loss with a natural and effective treatment that will nourish your scalp and fortify your hair. Trust the numerous Profollica Hair Loss Treatment reviews and use this product to block DHT and fight against hair loss from inside out.

Rebuild your self-image and improve the appearance of scalp with Profollica Hair Recovery System, the best ally of men from all over the world!