Hair loss is a common condition that affects numerous men and women from all over the world. This must be the reason why numerous manufacturers claim to provide the best hair growth treatments and the best results regarding this unpleasant condition that can be the sign of a disease or disorder and which can lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

A lot of patients affected by hair loss, also known as alopecia, follow tricky treatments and choose to spend a lot of money on complicated techniques that only promise to promote regrowth of hair, but these patients end up with the same thinned hair and bald patches that they had before starting the “wonderful” treatment.

Unlike other products and methods which are ineffective and expensive, Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit has been proved in a clinical study that lasted 4 months to be highly effective, potent and safe to use and administer.

Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit consists in a daily supplement, activator gel and shampoo that function together in order to fight properly against hair loss and to stimulate the regrowth of healthy and fortified hair.

Use Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit to prevent loss of hair

The ingredients included in Profollica are safe, risk-free and highly effective, so the consumers will not experience any unwanted or negative side effects. Profollica stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, rebuilds the damaged follicles, strengthen hair, stop the hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of hair; the patients will enjoy recovering their self-esteem together with their beautiful and healthy scalp.

Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit has to be used for at least 6 months to benefit of maximum results. This product gets to the root of the problem and fights against what causes the hair loss, but it also moisturizes scalp and promotes the health of follicles and hair strands.

According to American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness is the condition that affects almost 95% of men who lose their hair. The primary reason why male pattern baldness occurs is a combination of hormones and genes. Due to high levels of Dihydrotestosterone, the head follicles of men with certain genes miniaturize. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attaches to the follicles and cause their miniaturization, because these follicles cannot take the nutrients from blood as normally. Therefore hair will grow thinner, finer, shorter and even fewer in number, since some follicles will stop growing new hair.

But the damaged follicles are not dead. Studies show that by blocking the production of DHT and repairing the damaged follicles, hair will grow back again. This is how Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit works: the daily supplement fortifies the organism with a powerful combination of proteins, enzymes, amino acids, herbal ingredients and other nutrients that control the production of Dihydrotestosterone and stimulate the follicles to produce more hair, the shampoo prepares the head and follicles for the activator gel and the gel nourishes the hair and scalp with proper nutrients required for a healthy scalp, full of strong and shiny hair.

Each part of Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit is important to deal with male pattern baldness from the inside out. The benefits of this treatment will meet the expectations of all men who decide to follow it for the recommended period: the levels of DHT will be significantly reduced, the follicles will be repaired, blood circulation will be increased in the scalp, follicles will be nourished properly, hairs will be fortified, oiliness and sebum production will be controlled, hair loss will be prevented and stopped, hair will grow faster, with a better texture and elasticity, while graying and other signs of aging will be slowed.

The earlier you use Profollica, the better are the chances to prevent loss of hair. The supplement has to be taken daily. The shampoo must be used as normally, once at two or three days, then the activator gel has to be applied on scalp and hair strands. The activator gel should not be removed or washed from hair, because this way the ingredients will not offer the results expected.

The overall expectations of the consumers who take Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit will be exceeded: there are no side effects, this product is completely safe to use, it has an affordable price and hair will regrow after only a few months!

Willing to prove the efficacy and confidence in their product, the manufacturers of Profollica offer a 60 day money back guarantee. You can also purchase Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit at special prices and enjoy recovering the beautiful appearance of scalp at reduced costs.

If you are among the men who lose their hair due to genes, you do not have to worry for this issue. Use Profollica Hair Recovery System Kit even from the first signs of hair thinning and prevent the occurrence of male pattern baldness!