How to Treat Female Thinning Hair on Top of Head

Methods for Dealing with Hair Loss in Women

Female Thinning Hair

There are a number of reasons why hair loss occurs in women. These include a number of lifestyle factors such as poor diet, smoking, lack of stress, and excessive stress; hormonal changes stemming from pregnancy and ageing; and even a number of medical conditions such as thyroid deficiencies and anaemia. Here are a number of ways to treat hair loss:


It’s been said that the food you eat can act as the slowest kind of poison or the best kind of medicine, and this also applies to the health of your hair. A poor diet not only negatively affects your hair directly, by diminishing it of the materials it needs to grow and the nutrients that keep it strong, but indirectly as well by weakening your body. With a poor diet, your body is susceptible to stress, illness, and infection, all of which don’t bode well for your hair.

You can remedy this by ensuring you consume a balanced diet rich in hair-friendly vitamins and minerals such as biotin (vitamin B7), folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and copper, as well as amino acids such as arginine and lysine. In particular, make sure you add more nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables to your diet.


You can give your diet helping hand by taking the right supplements, which are an effective way you’re getting the nutrients appropriate for the health of your hair. This could be in the form of individual supplements that give you generous doses of a particular nutrient.

Alternatively, you could save yourself time, and even more effort, by taking a specially-designed hair loss supplement, such as Profollica. Supplements of this kind contain a vast array of nutrients, saving you the trouble of taking them all individually. Profollica spreads these nutrients out across a shampoo, topical gel, and a dietary supplement, effectively tackling the problem on a number of fronts. These nutrients include a wide range of vitamins and minerals and amino acids, as well as other herbal extracts like sawtooth pimento, Panax ginseng root, and citrulline.


The way you live your life and treat your body on a daily basis has a tremendous influence on the health of your hair. Aside from your diet, which I touched on above, other lifestyle factors that can cause thinning of the hair include excess stress, smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep. All of these things affect your overall health, so your body has to compensate by directing nutrients to places vital for your survival. And your scalp is not one of them.

So to preserve a full, healthy head of hair, give your body a fighting chance. As well as sorting out your diet, get to sleep on time, try to cut down the smoking and drinking, and find more ways to relax. The good news is, just doing one of these things causes a virtuous cycle in which trying to do another is far easier. The net result will be overall increased vitality as well as a healthy head of hair.